ShineThe only thing better than amazing people doing amazing things is seeing all those efforts topped off with recognition and praise. During the summer camps, we take time every day to “Shine” with each other — to stand up and tell someone how proud we are of them. We shine for little things like one camper helping another peel an orange. We shine for big things like riding a horse for the first time. Little or small, shines all come from the same place — the heart.


I shine for CAMP RAINBOW GOLD, for many years ago, 1984 to be exact, CAMP RAINBOW GOLD helped me at the age of 12 get over not only my fear, but the fears of my friends as well about the word Cancer. Back then we patients were able to invite one friend to CAMP RAINBOW GOLD and that made a huge difference in how they perceived all cancer!

— Astrid F.

I shine for ALL of the Camp Rainbow Gold Family. I miss you all so very much!

— Jann

I shine for Jason Hosick – for being there for me and for being a good friend!

— Jayden B.

I shine for all parents and children who are brave enough to let go…and let fun! It’s not always easy.

— Faith C.

I shine for Camp Rainbow Gold. It gives me hope, it gives me a second family, and it gives me amazing people I aspire to be like.

— Stacie T.

I shine for all grown men who play dress up. The ones who reach for tutus and princess wands and pink, fluffy boas, knowing the smiles and giggles will last for days. Ted, Jason, Joel, Frank, Mark, John, Michael, Steve, Bryce, Rob, Jere, Terry, Kyle, Joe. All of you.

— Jamie D.

I shine for everyone who has ever had anything to do with camp. I can’t imagine my life without this support, and so many people can agree with that. All the volunteers, campers and doctors mean the world to me.

— Taylor K.

I shine for the hope, strength, resilience, character and love that Camp Rainbow Gold gives to all of us, the volunteers, the kids – anyone who is involved. It is the most magical place, and those us of who get the privilege to experience it are truly blessed.

— Jason Couvillion, Camp Rainbow Gold Youth Camp Director

I shine for everyone who has done anything to help with camp. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have the love and support of our Camp Rainbow Gold family! It has definitely made me who I am today, and I have made many lifelong friends because of it.

— Kaylee R., Camper

I shine for Camp Rainbow Gold founders. Your vision and energy brought light and love into the world! Thank you Vicki Funaiole, Dr. McCluskey, Frank Outhet and my mama, Laurie Kirk.

— Heather

I shine for music, campfire, fierce hearts and gentle hands.

— Michael S.

I shine for the immense love, fierce friendship and never-failing strength that is Camp Rainbow Gold. My life is enriched, and I am a better person because of camp.

— Katie S.

I shine for the fun I had at camp. Nobody treated me differently. I like it when I get to be a normal kid, have fun, be silly, dance around. And laugh.

— Kalia C., Camper

I shine for all the camp staff that put all their time and love into camp. You will never understand how much this little break of feeling like a normal family has meant for our family! thank you so much.

— Donna P.

We shine for the Trouthaven Cabin for escorting us to the dance!

— Aspenway Cabin

We shine for Trouthaven for raiding our room with candy and toys.

— Hillside Haven

Pinelodge Cabin shines for Trouthaven for going on an awesome bike ride with us!

— Pinelodge

I shine for Aidan Tibbetts. He did a good job on the bungee trampoline. He did a back flip!

— Anonymous

I shine for my brother Jeremy.

— Ceia L.

I shine for the people who raid and ghost our cabin!

— Anonymous

I shine for Austin for making it all the way to the creek on the bike ride!

— Anonymous

I shine for pretty much the raddest raiding partners ever. Enough said.

— Anonymous

I shine for Ben and John for loaning me warm jackets!

— Heather C.

Sunkist shines for Pinelodge for doing such an amazing job raiding us and for the awesome candy!

— Sunkist Cabin

I shine for Austen for being so nice. You’re awesome!

— Kenzie
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