Camp Rainbow Gold done pursuing East Fork property



By Jeffery Dahdah

The decision comes after a contentious special use permit request. Camp Rainbow Gold needed the Blaine County Planning and Zoning Commission to okay their plans to build in East Fork.

That request was met with vast opposition from people who live near the property. In April the commission denied the special use permit request.

The camp appealed that decision to the Blaine County Commissioners. After a hearing in early December, the commissioners delivered their final decision against the permit on Jan. 2.

“We are incredibly saddened by the outcome of this decision,” said Amanda Watson Camp Rainbow Gold board president in a statement. “We do not feel our application was evaluated based on its merit and adherence to the conditions, but was instead dismissed before it was ever considered.” Considerations noted by the Blaine County Commissioners for the decision to deny included inconsistencies when compared to other applications and a disregard for the demonstrated adherence to code.”