Forever Home

Why We Need a Forever Home

  1. The ability to expand is limited by the capacity of the camps we currently lease, and the need for our programs is greater than what these camps can accommodate. We currently have to turn campers away because some of our camps are at capacity with the current facilities.

  2. Neither the leased camps currently used by Camp Rainbow Gold were designed with medically fragile children in mind and Camp Rainbow Gold has to turn away some of the campers who could use us the most.

  3. There is no long-term lease in place, which means at any point Camp Rainbow Gold may not have a place to hold camp. The lack of a long-term lease prevents Camp Rainbow Gold from investing capital for improvements.

  4. Camp Rainbow Gold is required to leave the site for several activities, which increases camper risk and the liability of attending camp. A camp tailored to our needs and programs would minimize risk.

  5. Having an established camp where families can return to year after year provides a sense of refuge, security and comfort during one of the hardest and most tumultuous times in their lives.

Having an Idaho-based medical camp presents an enormous opportunity for local nonprofits with like-missions to collaborate and serve a growing need in one of the most beautiful and therapeutic places on earth where they know they’ll have medical facilities to hold their camp.