Making Memories

May 24, 2023 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Camps, Programs and Families, Volunteers

— By Bill Flanders Longtime Volunteer –

Camp Rainbow Gold came into my life unexpectedly in 2005 soon after “our” family was diagnosed with childhood cancer.

Prior to that time my wife Tawny, daughter Brianna and I lived in the mountains above Boise. We enjoyed the many recreational opportunities that abound in Idaho, including family camping, hiking, and archery.

A family diagnosis

The family diagnosis of childhood cancer was lightened by the summer camps Brianna attended the next couple of years. Camp Rainbow Gold’s presence in our lives became year-round during that time. The love, care, and fun they provided helped us through difficult treatments and challenging hospital stays.

Becoming a volunteer

Once we lost our battle with childhood cancer I was drawn to give back and volunteer my time to CRG. At the time, CRG expanded and split its oncology camps into youth and teen camps. There was a need for an Archery Activity Lead that I immediately filled. A perfect fit for my archery passion and love for all things CRG does for families like mine throughout Idaho.

Making memories

Since that time, Camp has expanded and grown and I’ve been able to continue to volunteer my time as an Archery Lead. I’ve expanded my volunteering to the Scholarship Committee as well as an occasional presentation promoting Camp Rainbow Gold’s many benefits for families diagnosed with childhood cancer.

Volunteering for camp is fullfilling in many ways and something I look forward to every year, just like Brianna did. Camp Rainbow Gold shines on those who attend and volunteer and helps fill the loss with memories that last forever.