Groundbreaking Celebration

Jul 21, 2023 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Healing Idaho, Hidden Paradise

— By Lonni Leavitt-Barker Capital Campaign Director, CRG Camp Mom, and Former Board Member-

I’m thrilled to say we held the official Groundbreaking Celebration at Hidden Paradise on June 1st. We wanted to show our gratitude to those who have linked arms with us to help us remodel, build new buildings, and those who have supported us in countless other ways. We were excited to show off all the work we’ve done (with the help of so many) and preview what is to come down the road.

Coming Together

We were awed by how many folks joined us in Fairfield. Our CEO, Elizabeth Lizberg gave a great speech about collaboration. And boy, if what we’ve accomplished thus far at Hidden Paradise isn’t the textbook definition for collaboration, I don’t know what is! Governor Brad Little took a turn at the podium to commend all the many Idahoans who have given so much. And Drew Hobby, the Chief Revenue Officer of Blue Cross of Idaho, ended by sharing how impactful Idaho’s Medical Camp will be for so many.


We wrapped up the morning with folks signing one of the walls that will go into our new Med Shack (that will be built by Andersen Construction this summer), photos with groundbreaking shovels and hardhats, and tours to see all the buildings that have been remodeled and the new proto-type cabin. Hidden Paradise was on display for so many and did it ever look beautiful. It was wonderful celebrating all that has been accomplished and all that will be accomplished to build Idaho’s Medical Camp.