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Sometimes, triumphs come from tribulations.

In 2021, two years ahead of the original schedule, we held our first camps at Hidden Paradise in Fairfield, Idaho. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to get creative for our campers. We pulled off a miracle and with the help of many hands, we remodeled fourteen buildings — with new roofs, chinking, painting, new ADA bathrooms, new floors, and new bunk beds. We remodeled a commercial kitchen, created an outdoor dining area built over a crumbling old swimming pool, put in bike trails, added a ropes course, and more.

And we’re not done yet! Actually, we’re just getting started.

Blue Cross of Idaho has donated to build a new Health Center and Blackrock Homes will build new accessible cabins and shower houses for the kids. But to get these started, we need a strong foundation — infrastructure and site development to support the old, the new, and the future. We also need a large new lodge to fully support our camps and have the ability to bring everyone indoors if needed. This lodge will help us get back to larger camp attendance, take campers and families off the waiting lists, and to accommodate all the other organizations and groups lining up to lease the property.

Log Cabin Remodels

Existing Lodge for Dining & ADA Bathrooms

And All of the Magic of Camp!