Health Center Donated by Blue Cross of Idaho

Aug 11, 2021 | Healing Idaho

Blue Cross of Idaho announced a $700,000 donation to Camp Rainbow Gold’s capital campaign. The donation is part of a three-year, $2.1 million commitment to help build a new medical camp at Hidden Paradise, the Camp Rainbow Gold property near Fairfield, Idaho.

“This is incredibly exciting news for Idaho’s children battling cancer, their families and other organizations with a need for a medical camp,” said Elizabeth Lizberg, CEO and Executive Director of Camp Rainbow Gold.

“Blue Cross of Idaho has recognized this camp is a need in our state and we are thankful for their vision and generosity. With their investment, we can not only continue to make progress toward our master plan but more specifically fund construction of the Health Center, which will ensure we can provide medical care at a new level to allow even more fragile children to attend camp,” Elizabeth said.

“Blue Cross of Idaho is committed to investing in Idaho’s children to ensure each has an opportunity to grow, learn, and most importantly – be a kid,” said Charlene Maher, President and CEO of Blue Cross of Idaho.

Charlene continued, “Camp Rainbow Gold has had one mission for its thirty-seven-year history: provide children with cancer and their families an escape from their illness. We are so pleased to partner with them over the next three years and beyond to build their new facility near Fairfield – which is the first medical camp in Idaho. I cannot wait to see joyous looks on the faces of children when they see the new camp complete.”

Blue Cross of Idaho’s funding will support construction and infrastructure necessary to build a health center on the property, which will support all campers and ensure medically fragile children can participate in programs.