Idaho's First Medical Camp

Welcome to Hidden Paradise, Idaho’s medical camp. Hidden Paradise is a welcoming space designed specifically for guests with medical needs to securely connect with nature and each other.

Hidden Paradise is home to Camp Rainbow Gold, an independent nonprofit serving Idaho children diagnosed with cancer and their families. Camp Rainbow Gold allows children affected by cancer and their families to do so much — to relax instead of worrying about what’s next, to trade the fluorescent lights of treatment rooms for abundant sunshine, to swap the unrelenting noise of hospitals for the sounds of kids playing.

Being a part of the mission and vision for this beautiful space isn’t just an investment in property or an organization. It’s an investment in the future of Idaho. With proper facilities and year-round access, we can not only create a permanent home for Camp Rainbow Gold, but open Hidden Paradise to like-minded organizations in the region.

As the Gem State’s only purpose-built medical camp, we’ll be able to serve our Camp Rainbow Gold community while providing the space and safety other organizations need to bring their unique visions to life.