Rentals, Fees & Booking

Now Leasing

Hidden Paradise Camp is currently available for rental reservations during the summer and shoulder seasons between May 1 and October 30.

Available accommodations include:

  • Six (6) two-story log cabins that sleep 12 people in each
  • Seven (7) split-level cabins that sleep between 4-6 people in each.
  • Welcome Center building which sleeps 8-10 people
  • Additional rooms could house another 8-15 depending on the staffing we would need in order to support your group.

Camp rental also includes:

  • Use of a commercial kitchen and can include kitchen staff/meals/dining service if needed
  • Indoor/outdoor eating space
  • Activity tent – open-air or with the side walls on
  • Laundry facilities

Please contact us with your organizational information and we will be happy to work with you on timelines, fees, and opportunities. 

We’re excited to continue growing our facility to accommodate even more groups. You can help today by learning more about how you can get involved to support our Capital Campaign.

WORK in progress

These are just some of the main accommodations at Hidden Paradise to welcome medical groups and programs of all sizes.

Golden Prairie Lodge (Interim Dining Hall)
The existing lodge structure is ADA accessible and serves as an interim dining hall and meeting space. An outdoor dining space hosts tables for meals including shade structures and access to accessible bathrooms. The Golden Prairie Lodge also includes some lodging space for kitchen staff or small groups.

Mountain Village (Log Cabins)
Six existing log cabins were remodeled to accommodate campers in groups of 8 plus counselors. Cabins received new floors, new blinds, new bunk beds, and renovated bathrooms. Some cabins are ADA accessible. 

Hidden Paradise Sign

Sky Village (Pyramid Cabins)
Existing pyramid-shaped cabins were renovated and updated to accommodate staff and volunteer teams.

Welcome Center
This center serves as a welcoming lobby and check-in point for campers, families, service providers, and visitors. It will be equipped for medical screenings to protect the health and safety of our campers. Additional space in the welcome center can serve as volunteer central, a comfortable space for volunteers and leadership teams to host staff meetings, collaborate on activities, store materials and take much-deserved breaks. The Welcome Center also includes some lodging space for program or leadership teams.

Health Center (NEW – COMING SOON)
Camper health and safety is priority number one. From chemo treatments and medication storage, to stomach flu or bug bites — our medical staff needs to be ready for anything. This state-of-the-art building is designed to be functional, sterile, safe, and welcoming. In addition to Camp Rainbow Gold, the health center will be accessible for the medical staff of any other camps held at Hidden Paradise. 

Camper Villages (NEW – COMING SOON)
“Heads in Beds” is a crucial component as we build Idaho’s only medical camp. Each cabin will sleep 8 campers and 4 counselors. The cabins will feature sinks, wheelchair-accessible toilets, showers, and charging stations for wheelchairs and medical equipment. 

Shower Houses (NEW – COMING SOON)
Each camper village will have its own shower house to accommodate campers during their stay. Our camps require accessible and well-designed shower houses to function for young children, campers of all ages with medical needs, and to serve many campers at one time. It’s important to our camp programs and activity schedules to quickly, safely, and effectively move all our campers through daily hygiene routines as well as to clean up after water sports and activities.

Aspen View Lodge (NEW – COMING SOON)
The main lodge and dining hall are a cornerstone of camp. It is a space where we not only feed our campers and volunteers but where the entire camp comes together throughout the day to share stories, celebrate accomplishments and shine brightly for each other. The new structure will seat 200 in the dining area at round tables. It will have a commercial kitchen and restrooms and will also be available to serve as an activity center.