Jumping Up to Junior Volunteer

Apr 18, 2022 | Camp Rainbow Gold

— By Skylar Holloway, Junior Volunteer

My journey at Camp Rainbow Gold began when I was 8 years old as a camper. My best friend from school introduced me to Camp and I decided to go with her. I was nervous and excited about this new experience, but I never knew that Camp would soon become my second home.

I instantly felt connected with the people and environment; everyone there made me feel so loved and I had campers that had gone through cancer like me who I could relate to. At Camp, I was able to fully be myself and not feel judged about anything. I got to escape the difficult hardships of life back at home when I was at Camp, where I was able to be silly and have fun with my Camp friends and do fun, yet empowering experiences with my cabin.

From raiding cabins, to the carnivals and dances, and to the special campfire nights, I knew Camp Rainbow Gold would continually be a huge part of my life. As for this year, it will be my first as a Junior Volunteer and I could not be more excited for anything else this summer!

I believe that being a camp counselor at Camp Rainbow Gold will be a life-changing experience for me. As a counselor, I will learn to have more empathy, patience, and leadership from the campers and the staff. I feel so blessed to be able to be a volunteer at camp and I am looking forward to spending my first year as a JV at the new Hidden Paradise!