Do More With Your Day-to-Day

Companies of all sizes offer various corporate matching programs or employee-designated giving to support their employees and the causes their employees care about.

Your employer may have a program in place to match your donation to Camp Rainbow Gold. With this one step, you can quickly and easily double your donation and double your impact on Idaho’s children. Be sure to check with your employer if there is a matching program available. We are happy to provide any forms or information necessary to complete a match request.

Build More Together

Another way many companies and employers give back to their communities is through employee-advised donations or giving programs. Monthly, quarterly or annually, employees are invited to rally around a specific cause to raise funds, gifts or awareness for an important cause.

If your company hosts this type of program, please reach out to Camp Rainbow Gold and we’d be happy to provide materials and information or curate a presentation to introduce our mission and our programs to your group.