Honor a Loved One

When you make a donation to Camp Rainbow Gold, you are making a difference in the lives of countless children and families. Giving a donation in someone’s honor or memory is a wonderful way to celebrate your friends and family while paying it forward to Camp Rainbow Gold programs.

Donate in Honor

From birthdays to Mother’s Day, weddings and graduations — you can celebrate milestones and holidays by donating to Camp Rainbow Gold in honor of others.

Use our online donation form or print and mail this form and indicate in the comment box the name or name(s) of your honorees and what you are celebrating.

Donate in Memory

When you make a donation in memory of a loved one, you are passing along hope, love and fun to so many children and families. This is a wonderful way to recognize and remember the impact someone has had on your life. Their legacy will be seen in the smiles, laughs and love of children and families at camp.

There are many ways to commemorate someone special in your life. We’re honored you’ve considered this time to support Idaho’s children diagnosed with cancer. Thank you for being part of the Camp Rainbow Gold family.