Meet Our Volunteers: Sam

Nov 14, 2022 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Camps, Volunteers

— By Sam Campbell, CRG Volunteer-

The number one thing I’ve learned about Camp Rainbow Gold so far is that they sincerely care about every single person involved in the organization. Both the people who the charity is for, and the people who help it run. Not a single person is pushed to the side. I heard about CRG in passing at church. I was at a point in my life where I felt very incapable. I’m only 19, but I’ve been dealing with an autoimmune disease and quite a few mental struggles. Getting help for any of these things had proven to be a large struggle as well.

The Start of Volunteering

I felt like no employer could help accommodate these crippling issues, or that no one would even be willing to understand why I may be slower or struggling. I felt alone and like I had nothing to offer the world. Desperate to do something to prove my worth in the world, I contacted CRG to volunteer. One of the first things I said on the call is you might not want me. One of the first things they told me is that they did, and they wanted to work with me on MY level. Whatever I could give was enough.

Being Part of a Community

I volunteered in the kitchen for three weeks, and true to their word, they worked with me on my level, accommodated my disabilities, and expressed so much gratitude for everything I could give. Everything about the camp was amazing. The campers were so amazing to each other, and had so much fun. The sense of community was undeniable, and I was so honored to be a part of it. 

Growing Confidence

I was able to grow my confidence when it comes to social interactions and work. I was able to feel like I meant something. I fully intended to show up, try to forget my problems, and try to lose myself in service for three weeks then go home and never really think about this place again. Now I know that it’s more than an organization. It’s a community of people who have the true desire to make the world a better place, no matter who you are.

Finding Meaning

They didn’t just leave me those three weeks. They kept caring giving me opportunities to help and thrive. This organization has done so much for me, as a volunteer. I struggle to fully express how this place has changed my life, and I’m not even a camper. I’m just a person who was struggling to find meaning.

CRG has the very spirit of good at its core. They care about every individual involved. It’s hard to become intertwined with them and not come out as a better person. I continue to grow as a person the more I involve myself with CRG, and I sincerely hope to help them as they’ve helped me.