A Million Dollar Milestone

Aug 26, 2021 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Scholarships

By Dr. Doris Tunney —

This year has seen a lot of milestones and memorable moments, and I’m honored to announce another one with our College Scholarship Program

I have been involved with Camp Rainbow Gold since 2004 when I retired from my Pediatric Medical practice at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital in Newport Beach, CA. After retiring, I moved to Ketchum, Idaho to begin a new phase of my life. It was there I learned about Camp Rainbow Gold. I loved the concept and wanted to have a continued relationship with the pediatric population.

I functioned in many capacities while volunteering my time at the camp. I had the pleasure of being a part-time physician, acted as a teen counselor, founded the Young Adult Program also called the YA Team. I am fortunate enough to have my own private foundation which has helped me donate funds for various causes, one being the Mobile Medical Unit fondly called the Med Shack. I became a member of the Advisory Board and then the Board of Directors.

Shortly after getting involved as a counselor, I identified the need for educational support for these children with cancer. Families who have experienced a pediatric cancer diagnosis can struggle financially in general and I felt there was a need for support in terms of scholarships. The Camp Rainbow Gold College Scholarship Program was founded.

Supporting Our Students

The Tunney Foundation provided initial launch money of $25,000 to start the program and we have relied on donations since then to keep it going. It was important to stress to campers that they too could get a great education with our help. They could set goals and achieve them despite having a history of cancer. Philanthropy and giving back have become the norm with many of our scholarship recipients.

We developed a Scholarship Committee in 2008 and I would like to thank the following volunteers for their help and commitment during the development phase. Elizabeth Lizberg, Meg Omel Tyree, Heather Feely, Mark Funaiole, Al Lindley, and Rob Cronin. Without their help, support, and guidance none of this would have been possible.

A Million Reasons to Celebrate

This year, I am proud to announce a new milestone we have achieved. The Camp Rainbow Gold College Scholarship Program has awarded 109 scholarships to date giving away over ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Quite an achievement for everyone involved!

Congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients over the years. You are role models and are a testament to what all our Campers can accomplish. Dream to achieve and you will realize your goals and happiness. Keep up the good work!