Our CRG Values—Hope, Love, Fun

Mar 24, 2020 | Programs and Families

The question we are receiving from all our camp families, volunteers and donors is, “Will Camp Rainbow Gold have camps this summer?” And the answer is, we just don’t know yet. Our number one priority is the health and safety of the children and families we serve, as well as all the donors, volunteers and service providers who help make the magic happen each summer. We are working with our government agencies, health departments, the American Camp Association, Children’s Oncology Camp Association and our partners at St Luke’s Children’s Hospital to guide us through this decision-making process. Our approach is one day at a time.

We know the uncertainty is unsettling during this difficult time and we want to encourage you right now to take a minute and remember something we all know and love about Camp Rainbow Gold. We do not give up, we get creative. We will find a way to keep you connected and still bring hope, love and fun to you and your families when it is so desperately needed.

At a time when so much for us is in limbo, we find our hearts with all of you. Camp Rainbow Gold is built on the foundation of every single one of our campers, families, supporters and volunteers and it will weather this storm because of all you have given over the years. Without you we would not have the blessings we do today which are allowing us to remain open, operating and working to keep our programs moving forward during this challenging time.


We are facing a big moment when we need to work together and make sure that our most vulnerable are cared for. We need to work together to protect and support our community. Lucky for us, we have a lot of experience in that arena. And we know where to start, by tapping into the values that Camp Rainbow Gold is built on—hope, love and fun.

We have all witnessed the power of hope and love and the strength they provide in a time of need. We know firsthand what this community can do when everyone comes together, and we will be right there beside you working to address the needs of so many. The core of our mission, which has allowed us to witness miracle after miracle, is the simple but effective action of having fun through difficult times. Fun and silliness actually work to provide a common ground of understanding and give relief to feeling isolated or alone during hardship. Camp is actively finding ways to continue to bring fun to the table.


For the kids—this simple reminder is what keeps us all motivated. It is a reminder during difficult times and difficult decisions that what we are doing has a far greater impact than we may ever realize. We believe this to be true for our entire community right now. We hope you’ll walk through these next days, weeks and months being mindful of your choices and knowing most of them right now will have a far greater impact than you realize.

We encourage you to stay connected, take action, find moments to laugh, have fun and share love and hope with others. Get creative in how you do it. Give to your community, your neighbors, your friends and family what you have shared with Camp Rainbow Gold for years.


We have lived our mission and values since 1984. As an organization, we are no doubt facing a difficult year. This year may be different, it may require more creativity and resourcefulness than ever before. But we believe in our values and our mission and we know this whole community will come together for our Camp Rainbow Gold children. Our history, our support system and 36 years of smiles on our camper’s faces are all testaments to the magic that happens when you put love, hope and fun into the world. What you share with others, comes back in multitudes. Keep shining.


While our physical offices are not open we are still available to you. You can reach us by email at info@camprainbowgold.org or call our main phone line at 208-350-6435 and select the staff member. Leave a detailed voice mail for and those will be forwarded to us.

Please stay in touch via our Facebook page, Instagram and watch your email for our newsletters and ongoing updates. We promise to keep you informed as we move forward with decisions and determine our course of action for our summer programs.