A Scholarship to Help Reach Your Goals

Jan 3, 2022 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Scholarships

By MacKayla Wammack, CRG Sibling Camper & Scholarship Recipient —

My name is MacKayla Wammack. My brother Ben was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia several years ago. About a year or two into his treatment, my family heard of Camp Rainbow Gold and all they do for siblings and kids with cancer.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend camp several times. I found out about their scholarships in my senior year of high school. I applied for the sibling scholarship soon afterward. The application process was really easy and straightforward. I wrote a couple of small essays on my experiences with CRG, as well as some concerning my future goals that the scholarship would help with.

All the money I have received has gone towards my education at Brigham Young University – Provo. I am currently studying Cell Biology and Physiology with the hopes of someday becoming a physician’s assistant for pediatric oncology. Watching the hardships that my brother went through during his treatment made me realize that I wanted to help other kids with cancer. This scholarship has helped to make it possible for me to focus on my schoolwork and that goal for my first year of college.

As part of the scholarship, I was able to participate in some service, helping to clean up the new camp this past summer. It was really rewarding to know that I was able to give back. They provide lots of opportunities to serve, even when you live out of state like I do currently.

Camp Rainbow Gold and all the donors who have made this scholarship a reality have been such a big help in my life. To anyone thinking of applying, I would highly recommend doing so!

2022/2023 College Scholarship applications are now open. Click here to apply.