Kris Nardecchia

Share Your Heart Ball Co-Founder

From the Founder

If you have been a longtime supporter, or just recently discovered the joy of this amazing organization, I would like to welcome you to the greatest place on earth!

Camp Rainbow Gold is a place where the children of Idaho can forget about the rigors of their cancer diagnosis, forget about the physical toll that chemo and radiation takes on them, forget about the financial burdens that their medical care has created, and just be kids having the time of their lives.

It has been my daily joy, love, mission, focus, legacy, and passion to serve Camp Rainbow Gold. Two decades ago, I said, “There is no way these children can ever face losing this beloved camp!” After several small, but impactful, events, I co-founded an annual fundraiser, Share Your Heart, to ensure Camp Rainbow Gold continued each summer and advanced its mission to secure a permanent home. Well, thanks to your incredible generosity and enduring stewardship, we have done just that. I cannot tell you the relief I have knowing these amazing campers and their families will forever have a home.

I am so proud of everyone who has come together to serve this organization and who has joined our mission to help over many, many years. I am honored to have been a part of it all and to help give hundreds of sick kids, and their families, a much-needed break from the rigors of this awful cancer disease.

Camp Rainbow Gold is strong and has the foundation for an incredible future. From my heart and my soul, I thank you all for supporting our campers and families. We are truly made strong by love.

With love and gratitude always!