We are Good As Gold for FitOne

Jun 17, 2022 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Camps, Events, Programs and Families

— By Michelle Heart, CRG Supporter and Townsquare Media Brand Manager
Adapted from Michelle Heart’s article on St. Luke’s FitOne, June 1, 2022

A few years ago, I was approached by my friend’s daughter who asked me if there was any way I would consider making the LITE-FM team’s color “gold” in honor of the St. Luke’s FitOne race taking place during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Her family had been on our team before and always wore gold on race day, but I didn’t know why until she explained why.

This special young lady’s name is Angelyn Wade and the cause was near and dear to her heart. Angelyn had met a toddler who was battling cancer and was heartbroken when she saw older kids picking on this little girl because she had lost her hair as a result of chemo treatments. In that moment, she was determined to make a difference by donating over 12 inches of her hair to Wigs for Kids to help create wigs for kids bravely fighting childhood cancer. Along the way, she raised almost $7,000 for the little girl who inspired her to cut her hair.

Her next goal? Connecting our station with Camp Rainbow Gold to get more people to wear gold during FitOne. Without hesitation, I agreed. I’ve had the honor of being a bus monitor for Camp Rainbow Gold in the past and the difference that Camp makes in not just the lives of kids battling cancer, but their family’s lives as well, is amazing.

So Why Gold? Why team up With Camp Rainbow Gold?

The kids I met on the way to oncology camp were wise beyond their years because of what they’ve been through at such a young age…but at the same time were just so sweet and innocent as they were talking about horseback riding, campfires, and swimming. The amount of fight and resilience in those kids is something I can’t put into words. I can just say that I’m blessed to have been part of their lives for a few hours.

Camp Rainbow Gold has amazing partnerships with St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital and [St. Luke’s Cancer Institute], so to team up and make our FitOne team color “gold” in honor of their campers and other children battling cancer…it was a no-brainer. It’s a partnership that Angelyn was essential in setting up and one that we’re proud to carry on now that Angelyn’s graduated from high school.

This year’s St. Luke’s FitOne fun run/walks benefiting the St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital takes place on Saturday, September 24! Once again, 107.9 LITE-FM is proud to be teaming up with our friends with Camp Rainbow Gold to build one of the largest teams in the race. Consider this your official invitation to join our “Good As Gold” team!

So what do you say?! Can we do it this year?! Can LITE-FM have the biggest team at St. Luke’s FitOne to honor those kids and give back to the people who help them heal at St. Luke’s?! We already know that in addition to Camp Rainbow Gold who will be by our side on race day, we want you there too!

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