You Can be a Camp Champion

Jun 17, 2019 | Camps, Programs and Families

What a year it has been so far! We’re thrilled to own our new property and overwhelmed at the outpouring of support as we move forward. But, amid all the excitement, camp season is also right around the corner.

We are ready to welcome 200 youth, teen and sibling campers as they experience a week of fun, laughter and hope in the heart of Idaho. Our camp programs give these children a unique connection and the opportunity to bond with others who understand what it means to deal with cancer. Many of our camp families will tell you Camp Rainbow Gold is as important to their mental and emotional treatment and healing, as chemotherapy is to the body.

Destiny’s Camp Rainbow Gold Story

Camp Rainbow Gold was the constant I never had in life. Camp was where I felt the most at home, free and accepted for who I was and not looked at for pity of where I came from. The counselors, the friends, and the love kept me coming back each year. Rock climbing, white-water rafting, ghosting, raiding. They let us be kids and try everything we wanted to. One of my favorite memories was watching a boy learn to ride a bike because his counselor took up what his family was unable to. That, to me, is camp—the adults stepping in to our lives where we were lacking in the real world.

The impact that camp had on me as a person is something I will never be able to accurately express in words. Camp helped me become the person I am today. It helped me be confident in myself, trust people, and believe in magic. I have made friends that will last forever. As I got older, the counselors I grew up with were not only my role models but are now my family. Everyone from camp is family.


Make an Impact

Cancer is not only emotionally devastating, it is financially overwhelming, which is why for 35 years we have been committed to keeping every program free for the children and families we serve. We invite you to be a Camp Champion and support another summer of magic.

How you can make an impact:

  • $5,000 can offer youth camp a fun day out on the lake
  • $2,000 will send a child to camp for one week
  • $500 covers medical supplies for our campers
  • $100 will provide materials for the art shack

Help children step away from their cancer diagnosis to find strength, friendship and community within this wonderful camp family. Please know every gift makes a difference and you are the champion of many.

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