A Solid Team Builds a Future for Camp Rainbow Gold

Mar 15, 2013 | News, Programs and Families

If you are a donor or a family who has been a part of the Camp Rainbow Gold experience, you very likely received a letter from the American Cancer Society recently that left you with more questions than answers. While the letter reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to finding a cure for cancer, it also conveyed the plan to discontinue camps and college scholarship programs. Before your jaw drops and heart breaks open, read on and let me convey three important things to you:

  1. There is a solid team in place — many of whom you likely know — who are currently filing for non-profit (501c3) status to continue Camp Rainbow Gold. Keeping Camp Rainbow Gold alive and well is as much a priority to us as fostering positive relationships and creating memories for Idaho’s children has been since the mid ’80s.
  2. Camp and college scholarships are 100 percent a go this summer.
  3. Things are happening fast! Please use this website to keep up on how our progress is going. We all love telling success stories, including this one, and we promise to keep you all informed about the bright future of Camp Rainbow Gold.
  4. As this adventure evolves, we will need your help and support. Please stick close by, as we will be calling on all families, volunteers, donors and other members of the community to help shape our vision. This is a great time to make a fantastic childhood experience for so many kids even better, and it’s what we aim to do. It’s time to get back to making this dream a reality, but thank you for your time. YOU are the reason we’re here, and YOU are the reason we are committed to sticking around for many, many years to come.

— Tim Tyree, Camp Rainbow Gold Inc. Board Chair