Fun at Fall Family Camp

Nov 19, 2018 | Camps, Programs and Families, Volunteers

By Abigail Archer, Camp Volunteer —

Volunteering for Camp Rainbow Gold has changed every single fiber of my being. It has made me take a huge step back and realize there is so much more to life than anyone can even fathom. I had previously volunteered at CRG’s Sibling Camp, but this October was my first time at Family Camp. It was such a blessing.

As soon as the families cross the bridge and arrive at camp they are welcomed by volunteers. We unload the cars, get them all settled into a cabin and get ready for everything camp has to offer. You literally can fill the entire weekend up (mountain biking, archery, art shack, campfires, games, all sorts of fun!) or just relax and connect. Either way, the mountains have a healing power that CRG just highlights with all the activities and people.

I was paired with a family who was ready to do it all! We participated in Family Feud which was really fun and interactive. We did art projects, carved and painted pumpkins, made a spooky gingerbread house and tried out the escape room. (We didn’t get the fastest time but did dang good!) The family was brave and did the haunted house at the “scariest” level. It was all in good fun and everyone had a blast in there.

One the family’s favorite activities was archery. Doc, our volunteer archery instructor, had such a special way of connecting and making each family member feel appreciated. The smiles on everyone’s faces were priceless.

Some of my favorite memories were in the downtime. We played games in the cafeteria and all got to talk and get to know each other. There is something so magical about camp when you feel safe opening up and talking about anything, it’s completely normal to talk about cancer and feel connected.

There were a lot of new families this year so the ones who had been to camp before were always quick to lend a helping hand or answer any questions. It was beautiful to see the families relate and love each other. I learned so much from my family this year and it was so wonderful to see the love they had for each other through such adversity.

It is so easy to take life for granted sometimes. Camp helps celebrate the good in life and reflect on the bad. Everyone is accepted and loved here, no questions asked.

Family Camp was such a fun experience and I am already counting down the days until next year!