Meet Our Board Members: Jason Couvillion

Jan 13, 2023 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Camps, Volunteers

— By Jason Couvillion CRG Board Member and Volunteer-


I became involved with Camp Rainbow Gold over 15 years ago; a friend returned from volunteering at camp and told me wonderful stories about it, so I had to experience it for myself. I volunteered as a cabin counselor and got hooked! Camp Rainbow Gold means giving the kids a chance to be kids, and providing support and a safe space that they and their families may not usually have.

The Impact

CRG is truly one of the most special places and experiences I have ever had, that’s why I keep going back. It’s hard to describe when you haven’t experienced it, but not only do the kids get so much out of us being there for them, they give so much love and good energy back to you. It’s like a recharge for your soul, and everyone should experience it. Plus the impact on these kids lives is huge.


Being Part of the Board

I enjoy being part of the Board of Directors and helping to steer the progress of CRG and help secure it’s future. Words can’t describe how amazing camp, CRG staff and the organization is, just experience it for yourself!