What’s in a SHINE?

Apr 6, 2020 | Programs and Families

If you have ever heard a camper or volunteer talk about their summer with Camp Rainbow Gold, you have probably heard about SHINES.

But while our camps are usually held in the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains, it isn’t sunshine they are talking about. At CRG, a SHINE refers to a special part of every meal where one-by-one we grab a microphone, don a silly hat and celebrate what is great about those gathered around us.

Camp Rainbow Gold is about showing kids how they all continue to thrive despite the battles they have encountered. Everyone has the power and right to show strength, beauty, pride and vulnerability. By setting aside time each day at camp to celebrate our accomplishments, lift one another up and show gratitude to those around us, we hope to remind all our campers that we aren’t defined by our struggles.


When we SHINE for a camper who performed a song at the campfire or carried out an act of kindness, we are celebrating the light they shared with us and the bravery they displayed.

When we SHINE for new families joining in at family camp, we are acknowledging the work it takes to free up schedules, try something new and prioritize time with each other.

When we SHINE for you, we are saying we are proud of you and we are honored to be party of your journey.


At this time of uncertainty and physical distance, we want to bring this tradition down from the mountains and share it with our community at home. We are all facing new battles right now, but we are already seeing so many incredible displays of grace and strength and you all deserve a SHINE.

Please allow us to kick it off by calling attention to the bursts of light all around us.

  • We SHINE for everyone adjusting to their new patterns of life, finding ways to keep kids engaged and getting creative in the ways you are staying connected to friends and loved ones – who knew video conferences could be so fun!
  • We SHINE for everyone who doesn’t have the option to shelter from this storm. The ones who are keeping our food supplies running, the lights and water on, and the hospitals accessible.
  • And finally, we SHINE for you for finding this post. You aren’t allowing yourself to sit idle and instead are searching out ways to remember how much there is to celebrate and be grateful for in the world.

Now, we SHINE for everyone who can take a minute to jump on your favorite social media platform and write a post or send out a video to pass it on and SHINE a light on what or who you are grateful for. Tag your posts Facebook or Instagram with #camprainbowgold and #keepshining and we’ll pass them on to CRG friends and family to add a little more light to our days.

We’re all in this together. Keep shining!