— By Rylan Pate CRG Scholarship Recipient and Former Camper-

Dear Camp Rainbow Gold, 

Thank you so much for your generosity! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be one of the recipients of the Camp Rainbow Gold Scholarship.

A Little About Me

I graduated from high school this spring and plan to attend and play soccer at the University of Providence. My plan right now is to study exercise science while at UP and take a few business classes. Then I will enroll in a 3-year graduate program to become a Physical Therapist and/or an Athletic Trainer.


To receive my scholarship, I had a chance to volunteer at one of the family camps. It had been over 6 years since I had been to a CRG camp. Just being at the camp and helping assist with activities and connect with families brought back so many memories. I am really glad there was a volunteer hour requirement because without it I may not have volunteered at a camp. Through the few days I was at Camp, I was able to experience the joy and total fun that Camp is. It was cool to be a volunteer and see the families enjoy Camp the way I did. After this experience I want to try to volunteer for Camp next summer also.

Achieving Goals

 On the college side, one of the most important goals I have while entering college is to come out with no debt. I understand achieving a Doctor of Physical Therapy with no student loans is a high but not impossible goal. With this scholarship award, the possibility of going to college debt free becomes more achievable. This gift will not only help those who need rehabilitation in the future but has also inspired me to always be willing to give back to the community, no matter what stage I am in life. A big thank you to the scholarship committee and donors!