A Forever Community

Sep 19, 2023 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Camps, Programs and Families, Scholarships

— By Sarah Yenor CRG College Scholarship Recipient and Previous Camper –

My cancer journey started when I was five years old when I was in kindergarten. I had a stomachache and it got to the point that my parents took me to the hospital because they thought that I may have an appendix that ruptured. Turns out I had stage 4 Rhadomysycoma. I was rushed into surgery and my life changed as I knew it. I suddenly felt very isolated from my family, my friends, and my classmates. That is when the group Camp Rainbow Gold was able to step in and made sure that I did not feel alone.


During my treatments, I was not able to do a lot because of the chemotherapy, I needed the places where I spent time to be accessible and sanitary because of my weak immune system. I also spent most of my time at the hospital, so I was not able to do normal things like go to school, play baseball, or even have playdates with my friends… I had to make my own friends where I was and make do with what I had. Camp Rainbow Gold threw so many different events for us though like Halloween parties, Christmas parties, get-togethers in the hospital, or even just coming and saying “hey” to me. I felt like I belonged, and I didn’t feel like another cancer kid. I also attended family camp with my family during my treatments and that was an excellent way for me to reconnect with my family during my fight. It was also a good break for my brothers as well and just what they needed.

A Forever Community

Fast forward, to my life now, I look back when I had cancer positively because of the memories that I created which I contribute mainly to Camp Rainbow Gold. I know that I will always have a community of cancer survivors that I can fall back on, or I can talk to if I need to. Being a cancer survivor can be isolating because you may not think other people can relate to you or they understand but with Camp Rainbow Gold, I do not feel alone because I know I have people around me. Thank you Camp Rainbow Gold for making me feel that I belong!